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James (Jim) Alvarez Mourey, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor of Marketing at DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois.  An award-winning professor, Dr. Mourey is known for his "edutainment" style, infusing creativity and hands-on experiences into his portfolio of courses that includes Consumer Behavior, Marketing Research, Brand Management, Experiential Marketing, Design Thinking, and more!
A graduate of the Second City Training Center's Conservatory and the instructor selected to teach's international Introduction to Business course, Jim brings years of consulting experience and marketing insights expertise to his classes and keynotes. As the developer and course coordinator of BUS101: Business Fundamentals and the Entrepreneurial Mindset course at DePaul University, Jim leads a team of incredible instructors to provide a solid business foundation for undergraduate students in the Driehaus College of Business. The course and its signature event, the Driehaus Cup, were selected for a curriculum innovation award by business school deans throughout the midwest!

Jim's research, which explores consumer behavior, relationships, and consumer engagement with emerging technology has been published in leading marketing and psychology journals including the 
Journal of Consumer ResearchPsychological Science, and Social Cognition. He sits on the editorial board for the Journal of Marketing Research and reviews for major marketing and psychology journals.
Dr. Mourey is also a prolific author and public speaker, having written three business books, as well as a fictional murder mystery novel (for fun) and three children's books (which he also illustrated). He is also the President of an international non-profit dedicated to bringing creativity education to children around the world via the Odyssey of the Mind program.
Jim Mourey is a Top 40 Under 40 Professor

Students have described Jim's classes as a "Twice-a-week comedy show filled with knowledge," and Jim takes that feedback seriously! Learning can be fun and be transformative. Prof. Mourey teaches a variety of marketing courses, business fundamentals, and classes on creativity, innovation, and Design Thinking. Oh, and he also teaches improv. Learn more!

Professor Mourey in BETA Hub research facility

Learn about the latest research Jim is working on with collaborators and as part of the BETA Hub at the Driehaus College of Business here!

Urge, Fusion, and the Related - Books by Dr. Mourey

Whether on the beach, on the subway, or on a plane, now you can take Jim with you wherever you go! Check out his latest books here!

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