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Must Be 'Brave' to Purchase a Microsoft Tablet?

I love Sara Bareilles. No, really, I do. If Sara were like, "Hey, Jim, let's get married, ok?" I'd be like, "Okay, Sara!" I preface with this love story for the sultry songstress because it helps explain why my ears are super sensitive to her beautiful music; so sensitive, in fact, that when I heard the beginning of the music in this commercial, I immediately recognized the song as Sara's anthemic song "Brave."

This is when I got confused.

"Brave" is a catchy song, for sure, and the lyrics were actually penned (according to Sara herself) in support of a female friend's coming out, yet the meaning has transcended this context to kids fighting cancer, bullying, and even nice kids at BYU sharing what makes them feel brave.

But buying a Microsoft tablet? And, adding to the confusion, it's not even Microsoft's much-hyped Surface tablet; no, it's an Asus tablet. The confusion mounts...

I'll chalk it up to some eager brand manager or creative agency person trying to tap into a catchy, popular song, but the message that came across to me was, "You've gotta be brave if you don't buy an iPad and, instead, take a risk with this Microsoft-Asus-whatever-it-is tablet." Not exactly the best message, Microsoft.

In positive news, however, a huge, hearty congratulations to Ms. Bareilles, whose most recent album "The Blessed Unrest" (which features 'Brave') was nominated for Album of the Year for this year's Grammy Awards. Finally a truly talented musician receiving some well deserved recognition (sorry, Kanye). And Sara, seriously, you can propose any brave.

**UPDATE (1.19.14)** So Microsoft finally put that licensing of Sara's great song to good use. This is more the kind of commercial I was expecting - way to redeem yourself, Microsoft:

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